From the Winthrop Harbor Police Department

Last night / early this morning between the hours of 1:30am and 2:30am a number of unlocked vehicles in the village were entered and items in the vehicles were stolen.

Additionally, a car was also stolen after the offenders found the vehicle open with the key FOB still inside.

The burglary to autos and the stolen auto were from the areas of Geddes, Ellis and Park Ave.

Anyone finding that your vehicle was entered and / or items taken from them, should call the police immediately.

Anyone in those areas with security cameras, please review your camera footage and call our detective division at 847/872-2131 extension 1014 if you see on your camera footage a small red and/or a four door white vehicle in your neighborhood in the 1am-3am time frame last night.

NEVER confront these types of individuals by yourself as many times they are/may be armed.

Always immediately dial 911 to report criminal activity to the police.

As always – please lock your vehicles, do not store valuables inside your vehicles and utilize motion activated exterior lights and/or security cameras systems if able to.