Occupation: Organizational Development

Years Residing in Winthrop Harbor: I was born and raised in Winthrop Harbor. I have been here 30+ years

Family: Kati (Martinelli) – my high school sweetheart, daughters Ellie, Maddie, and Cora.

Community/Public Service Positions Held: 
Village Board Trustee: 2015-Present
Vice-Chair of Economic Development Commission: 2009-2015
Co-founder and Board Member for Winthrop Harbor Tourism Corporation (2012-2015)

Why I first ran for trustee and what are my hopes and vision for the community: I love our community. I grew up here, put down roots here, and have chosen to raise my family here. I am passionate about seeing Winthrop Harbor be the best it can be – from public safety to amenities and attractions, and finances. I want people to have pride in our town and be excited to live here. I ran for the Board to see that, and every day we are working towards a better tomorrow. Our economy, though small, is growing. We are regularly ranked as one of the safest communities in Illinois and were featured last year in Crain’s Chicago as the #4 community in the Chicagoland area for post-recession real estate recovery. We are proudly building a destination – to visit or to call home, and I love serving my community in this way.