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Village of Winthrop Harbor Looks to Shape Food Truck and Mobile Food Vendor Regulations

The Village of Winthrop Harbor recognizes the challenges of creating a thriving local business economy is a tricky balance. Last year the Village Board began discussions around expanding the rights of food trucks to operate in Winthrop Harbor, but after hearing from our brick-and-mortar restaurants decided to pause the process to allow our restaurants more time to recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

Last month, this topic was discussed by the Village Board as the first reading of a pilot program for food trucks and other mobile food vendors. A discussion and a vote will be taking place at the April 19, 2022, Village Board meeting on this proposed resolution and pilot ordinance.

We have made this proposed resolution and pilot ordinance available prior to our Village Board Meeting. To view this document, please click on the button below.

It is the Village’s goal to create a balance between supporting our existing brick and mortar restaurants, which have made significant investments in our community while allowing for broader food options with more entry-level entrepreneurship opportunities in our community.

The Mayor and Village Board discussed comments submitted by the public at the April 19, 2022, Village Board Meeting. Comments were favorable and the Village has decided to move forward with the pilot program.  Please contact Village Hall if you are interested in becoming a vendor, or would like a  food truck at your event.